Welcome to RDG Associates

Archaeology and Exhumation

RDG Associates are experienced excavators having worked in both the USA and Europe and are able to manage archaeological projects anywhere in the world. As bio-archaeologists we are able to offer a complete service to excavate and report on human remains. As a guiding principle we believe that the specialist who analyses a skeleton should also be involved in the exhumation providing a proper link between the individual in-situ as well as on the laboratory table. RDG Associates has experience of working with Church of England sites where graves have to be removed for reburial to allow for structural changes to church property.

Secondary and Tertiary Education

 RDG team members offer teaching services in secondary and tertiary education in archaeology and bio-archaeology, especially the biology of the human skeleton and an understanding of what human remains can tell us in a modern context. We are able to prepare and deliver curricular and extra-curricular courses in many aspects of archaeology and the interpretation of archaeological material. We have had particular success in the delivery of Archaeological Thoery at all levels.


RDG Associates have experience of mainstream television having appeared on BBC and History Channel documentaries to interpret human skeletal remains and to shed light on historical events based on available remains of the subject or of those who lived at that time.

Photographic Library

RDG Associates also maintains a library of documented and provenanced photographs which illustrate a wide range of trauma and pathology from American and European contexts. This library is used to support our teaching and training and is also available for consultation.

Information Technology

RDG Associates are able to offer advice and guidance on developing and implementing Information Technology applications and offer specialist assistance in managing the provenance of digital material as it is accessioned and maintained in an archaeological database. RDG Associates can also advise on copyright issues as it pertains to archaeological images and reports; and the importance of copyright as component of provenance.

Lectures and Talks

RDG Associates offer a range of specialist general interest talks on a variety of topics including the mechanics of bone formation, hard tissue response to disease and trauma to general interest talks on historical events based on analysis of associated collections. Talks can be geared towards all age groups including 14+, 16+ and 18+ as well as post-graduate audiences and the general public.


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