Rose Drew has experience teaching all ages from Year 3 through to Year 13. She has taught science to years three and four and has tailored university taster days for secondary school pupils in years 5 through 8. Rose also designed an Introduction to Osteology module for students doing A level Archaeology.

Rose is able to express academic subjects in a clear and accessible fashion that engages the children’s interest and enthusiasm.

Courses available:

  • Introduction to Human Osteology
    A scheme of work, lesson plans with learning outcomes is available for this 6 one hour lesson series. Schools will need to liaise with a local institution for the use of skeletal material and some of the lessons will need to be tailored to suit the material.
  • Human Osteology Taster sessions
    These two hour sessions offer hands on access to skeletal material giving pupils a feel for what can be learned from the human skeleton. The session covers how bone grows and takes the shapes it does, why human skeletons are so individual in way that animals are not, and how one might read a skeleton. In addition to motivating pupils who might have an interest in archaeology, the sessions provide a basis for teachers to subsequently address issues of health, diet and exercise.
  • Introduction to Archaeological Theory
    Rose has a reputation of being one the few teachers who can bring any sort of sense to one of the more difficult aspects of Archaeology. This course explores the frameworks we use to interpret the materials we recover from the ground and its very esoteric nature makes Archaeological Thoery very hard to grasp.

Rose and Alan are both available to offer school talks on a variety of archaeological and anthropological subjects. These can be tailored to the needs of the school and focus on local historic or prehistoric monuments. For ideas on subject matter refer to the Talks and lectures page. Please feel free to ask us to prepare talks on any related subject even if not listed.

For example in recent years Rose has presented on the sailors of  The Mary Rose to Portsmouth Grammer School year 7 on Mary Rose Day.

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